Healthy skin is the true beauty

The secret to beautiful skin

Many ladies have probably experienced frustration, and sometimes a twinge of desperation, when looking at other women whose glowing skin reflects badly on their own irritated and unflattering skin. It happens to the best of us. What we forget, however, is that the beautiful skin we see on others does not just happen, neither is it an overnight success. A lot of hard work and consistency in improving the overall health of the skin, has gone into every radiant, glowing face we will ever come across.

You too, can experience the full benefits of such amazing skin, with a little effort.

Here is how to achieve an awesome look, continually wear that natural glow, and sustain beautiful skin for the long haul no matter your skin type:


What you eat can have an effect on your skin’s glow. The secret to beautiful, flawless skin lies in the foods we eat. The skin is very important, so whatever we put into our bodies is reflected on the skin. Lack of hydration makes your complexion dull and even accentuates wrinkles. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! This can never be over-emphasised. Happiness begins with hydration as a major foundation for everything else you will ever do, to support your skin to always be at its best. Make fruits and vegetables your friends, you will definitely be in good company. Beautify your skin from the inside out by allowing the richness of your diet to rub off on every cell in your body. Your skin will thank you for it!


Walk away from, minimise or eliminate what triggers stress, as your skin has a way of negatively reflecting the burden of bearing anger, anxiety and every other related pressure that tags along. Your skin works hard! Every. Single. Day. It never has the option of quitting, or taking a break. So give it a break. Get some rest. Let sufficient sleep allow it to rejuvenate in order to serve you better. Sweat it out! Your skin reaps multiple gains just from exercising alone; you improve your blood circulation, expel the dirt and oil trapped in the skin pores through sweat, and boost your immune system among a ton of other benefits. And best of all, it boosts your energy levels, leaving you feeling much more youthful. What better way to put a pause on the years. Most cell turnover happens while you sleep, you just need to commit to giving your skin the TLC it deserves.


A good beauty regime keeps your skin happy. Invest in mild cleansers that contain oils for their emollient effects. Avoid harsh soaps that strip natural oils from your skin and use gentle exfoliators. Harsh cleansers will decrease the barrier function and leave your skin dry. Wash your face like you mean it. Sounds simple enough, but too often people are in a rush and don’t take the time to ‘baby’ their skin. Imagine washing a pan full of grease. If you don’t take your time and wash it thoroughly, the grease and oil will still be left in the spots you didn’t pay attention to.” Jennifer Kramer, founder of Corrective Skincare. Bathing with warm water and restricting bathing to reasonable lengths of time will help preserve the cutaneous barrier function of the skin.


Only use authentic, genuine and certified skin care products for your skin, never compromise on this. Apply a topical moisturizer morning and evening to replenish hydration. All Ruviès skin care products have got you covered in this regard, and only offer you the best care that your skin deserves.

Remember that skin care is more than just using skin care products. Beautiful skin and that natural glow you long for will require some work, but the benefits will be more than worth it.


Stay away from excessive sun exposure, avoid cigarette smoke and pollution and make other lifestyle changes to promote the overall health of their body and skin. In the morning, apply antioxidant serum followed by a broad-spectrum sunblock of SPF 30 or higher. Some UV penetrates through the sunscreen in the antioxidant provides extra protection. A broad-spectrum sunscreen is important because it protects against the UVA (the ageing ray) and UVB (the burning ray). It is important to reapply your sunscreen because after two hours it becomes less effective causing your skin to become vulnerable again. Wearing sunscreen is anti-ageing by default because it is protecting your skin from the “UVA” rays which penetrate to a deeper layer of the skin affecting its collagen and elasticity causing wrinkles and sagging skin. Dark spots/sun-spots/pigmentation can also be controlled by wearing sunscreen diligently.

8.Keep your hands off your face

Because your hands touch so many surfaces, they are a magnet for dirt and germs. Rub your eyes, stroke your chin, cup your cheek, and you’ve transferred everything on your hands to your face—bad news if you want glowing skin. Use headphones or a headset when talking on the phone to keep hands and germs away from your face, too.

Great skin, glowing with age is not an overnight success

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