Healthy skin is the true beauty

Meet Our Founder

Hello there! My name is Esther, a certified skincare formulator and the founder of Ruvies skin care Ltd, a wellness and beauty brand for mature skin. I help women feel confident about themselves,age positively and in grace and health by formulating natural and age defying wellness and beauty products that actually work.

My experiences became the springboard for what I am so passionate about today – providing skincare solutions to women in all walks of life. It has been my delight to see my ideas and products, birthed from my pain and travail, bringing relief and offering skin care solutions to many women.

The skin you are in holds all of you together – for a lifetime. Ruviès skin care products allow you to nurture it, and give it a lifetime of the care it deserves, so it can serve you better and longer.

Join us, and journey with us to graceful ageing and healthy skin, which is the true beauty.

Who Are We?

We are proudly African, authentically Kenyan! 

Ruvies skin care is a premium wellness and beauty brand for mature skin, founded on the philosophy of transforming Moringa oil from the miracle tree of life and shea butter into the most enriching beauty products, to help women age positively and in grace and health.

Founded in 2020, Ruvies skin care prides itself in creating products that provide high quality, age-defying skin care solutions that actually work. We have created a collection of luscious beauty formulations from Moringa oil, Shea butter and other natural ingredients. Our product range includes oils, creams, lotions and butters for face, body, hair, bar soaps and pure plant Serum Concentrates, rich in skin-essential nutrients that aim to re-establish equilibrium to correct a multitude of common skin concerns. They are good for women and men as well.

We are committed to designing products that help you feel the difference and start feeling confident and beautiful because that is who you are!!! Our products are natural, made with great ingredients, passion and experience. We have a strong passion for clean, quality, luxurious natural products and treatments that simply work and help to improve the quality of your skin, your life, and your personal well-being.

Ruviès skin care products allow you to enjoy the finer things in life. They bring out the natural glow of your skin and revitalise your whole body so that you can face each day as the best version of you! We produce our products in small batches to ensure you receive freshly made skincare. Every
product is formulated by our founder in our mini artisan studio using only the freshest ingredients blending science and nature to create highly potent, botanical products with meticulous attention to detail.


To be a company recognized by the quality and effectiveness of our beauty products and as such empowering women to feel loved and their most beautiful.

Mission Statement

To develop & manufacture fantastic wellness and beauty products which truly set the bar higher in terms of integrity, effectiveness & high standards.
We believe that great skincare and anti-aging products should be available to everyone, without making any compromise in terms of effectiveness and quality.

Our Dream

Our dream is to improve access to natural and organic anti-aging skin care products in a market flooded with synthetic and counterfeit cosmetic alternatives.

Our Values

Just like the rose, every woman is beautifully multi-layered, and unravelling each layer unveils the intrinsic value each woman has, and can offer the world. What’s more, the fragrance each woman brings to the world, through her smiles, the warm hugs, the nurturing heart, just like this amazing flower, keeps giving over and over again. It’s definitely a better world, with roses and women.

R – Respect for our customer.

O – Offer quality, safe and effective products.

S – Synergy; our products keep working with your skin to give you continued value.

E – Empowering women to feel loved, confident and their most beautiful.

Our Promise To You

At Ruvies skin care, our goal is to offer outstanding service and walk with you as you age positively and in grace and health.

We promise you;

  • A bouquet of love! 
  • Quality customer service
  • Quality products that work!

Experience self-love, Feel confident and Embrace your natural beauty every day with Ruvies!

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