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At Ruvies we are all about health, wellness and beauty with key interest in everything that naturally helps to slow down or stop premature signs of ageing. How can we do this without highlighting the great benefits that comes with adopting tea infusions as a lifestyle. Infusing herbal teas into your daily routine is one of the best health hacks. Let me ask you a question. What do you drink? What did you drink growing up? Think about it for a minute. What are the main things that you drank when you were a child and a teenager for dinner, or after school? It’s a culture. Right? We are trained to drink certain things. We develop a taste for things. What did you drink? What do you want your family to drink now? What do you want them to develop a taste for?

Without tea , an African household  will not feel complete. Tea has unique benefits to offer. The anti-inflammatory , anti-ageing as well as anti-oxidant, properties present in tea helps keep skin glowing and healthy. We have this amazing body. Our bodies are so incredible. It constantly is regenerating itself. We want to just start really getting that new cells are made not just from what we eat, but also from what we drink. We can teach our children that when we gather and celebrate, we can nourish and build
good health at the same time.

Ancient beauty is officially back: Jade rollers are a skin care staple, dry brushing is trending, and oil massages are on spa menus across the world.The next age-old beauty secret? Beauty teas. Both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda have been incorporating the power of tea into skincare regimens for centuries, and 5,000 years later, modern brands are following suit. Ruvies has not been left behind on this nature inspired journey and not with all the beautiful teas we have in Africa. The question now is… do they really work? Nutritionists and dermatologists alike say yes. “One of the easiest ways to emanate health and beauty from the inside out, alongside nutritionally dense food choices, are teas. Most teas, when ingested, help the skin because of their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

 Lets look at the beauty benefits of tea if applied frequently: 

  •  Toner  : Tea leaves contains astringent properties of tea which makes it an amazing toner , Wash your face with  tea infusion and follow it up with a serum or moisturiser.
  • Face Masque: White tea is the powerhouse of antioxidants. Infuse some white tea leaves for about 15 minute and sieve, Blend the damp tea leaves in a blender until you get a thick paste. Leave to cool and  apply as a mask on your face. This will give you a radiant skin!
  • Hair buddy : Struggling with   hairfall ? Take some black tea ,infuse it,let the mixture cool then spray it on hair. It will leave your scalp clean and your hair  looking lustrous.
  • Sunburn Spots: For this infuse some tea in a pan. After the water cools down, dip towel into the tea and place it on the affected area for about 30 minutes.
  • Soothe my skin please : Chamomile tea is popularly known for reducing dry patches/redness on skin. Washing your face regularly with chamomile tea reaps the maximum benefits.
  • Chapped Lips:  Green tea is said to reduce the mark of dry , chapped lips. 

There are plenty of antioxidant-rich teas to choose from, all with slightly different skincare benefits — for example, spearmint tea has been shown to help with hormonal acne and rose helps increase cellular turnover — but regardless of which you choose, Poon maintains adding any tea into your regimen can give you a beauty boost. “The best part about these teas is that they’re almost like a three-part self-care checklist,” she says. “You’re hydrating yourself; you’re soothing, detoxing, or protecting your skin; and you’re creating a positive habit that becomes a ritual.” Of course, as with any skincare product, consistency is key in order to see results.

Sip your way to healthy and glowing skin. Everybody’s got that concept that we have to eat well,
but we also have to drink well.

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