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A Journey spanning three generations

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Welcome to our first blog where we let you in on our beautiful journey.

A journey spanning three generations. And still counting..

That’s how long, and how far our story has come. My late mother Ruth lay the foundation for my life by inculcating rich values in hard work, confidence and believing in possibilities.

My own journey, curved and refined through motherhood, came loaded with its own fair share of tears and challenges, and definitely a number of triumphs too. Having come through two major surgeries, and losing three pregnancies, I eventually became a mother to two precious baby girls after difficult pregnancies. My skin unfortunately became the greatest casualty of all these transitions. The stretch marks, the dry skin and the hyper pigmentation in various degrees were all glaring cues that my body had been stretched to the limit. My skin was literally crying for help. I dint grow up with self care, I had to learn it and Im still learning.Motherhood showed me the power I dint know I had.

The desire to regain my fair complexion was born, and I let my curiousity and intuition lead the way, as I explored the world of natural and organic skin care. And thus began my search for skin care solutions that would restore the natural beauty and glow of my skin. I embarked on mixing oils and butters to create natural remedies, which with time restored my skin tone, and gave me back my confidence. I enrolled for diploma and higher diploma courses in organic skin care to gain a better understanding, then eventually began sharing my natural remedies with other women going through similar experiences, and they loved them. All this led to the creation of a time-tested solution

Ruviès skin care products. The brand was founded in honour of my mother Ruth, and my daughters Simone and Stephanie, who inspired this vision through my journey to motherhood. My husband Benson has been, and continues to be my greatest support throughout my journey, and a great pillar of strength every step of the way. It is for this reason that I want to help every woman, young and old, to experience self-love, feel confident and embrace their natural beauty every day.

The highest quality for all Ruviès products has been guaranteed through certification by Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS).

Experience self-love, feel confident and embrace your natural beauty every day.

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